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Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Atypical Nevus (also called Atypical Mole, dysplastic mole, & Clark’s nevus) is a specific type of mole whose appearance differs from other common moles. These types of moles are generally larger and have irregular & indistinct boarders. They can also vary in color, ranging from tan to dark brown shades on a pink background. Although they can be found anywhere, they are commonly found on the trunk of men & the calves in women.

Atypical moles are considered to be pre-cancerous and are more likely to turn into melanoma vs. regular moles. However, not everyone that has atypical moles will get melanoma. Interestingly, most moles (both ordinary & atypical) never develop into cancer, so it’s not necessary to remove all atypical moles. Deciding whether to remove the atypical mole(s) is done on a case-by-case basis. If you’re family has a history of melanoma, you should be closely checked for signs of melanoma.

Dr. Hoffman will review these issues with you as well as the design of the excision, in order to achieve the best possible cosmetic result.. Contrary to popular belief, using a laser to remove atypical moles is not recommended because the light energy from the laser cannot penetrate deep enough to remove the entire mole.